Teacher MacGyvers a Projector From a Simple CD for Zoom Lessons

Teacher MacGyvers a Projector From a Simple CD for Zoom Lessons

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Modern problems require modern MacGyverisms. While this solution definitely doesn't include utilizing pine cones and pine pitches in lieu of frag grenades and landmines, it's still impressive and practical to say the very least.

This low-tech solution comes from a teacher's Facebook post on September 3. The solution is mostly directed at teachers doing remote teaching without fancy equipment to split up their screen to show notes or inscriptions on paper.


Carmen Castrejon from the US was frustrated by the lack of mobility provided by her laptop camera and came up with her own solution. Her solution went viral after being reposted on the page HugotMaestra, with 191 thousand shares. Let's see how the solution goes.

The method

Carmen's Facebook post reads:

"Just wanted to share with you. It may help some teachers who don’t have a document camera. This is my little creation, hope it helps someone. All you need is a CD, a pencil, tape, and a quarter."

You simply tape the pencil to the back of the display and mount the CD on top. The quarter is there to weight down the CD and stabilize it.

"This works on zoom. Instead of the kids looking at you when you place the CD on a pencil, it reflects what's on your keyboard, anything on your keyboard can be seen. When you want them to look at you again, pick up the CD."

Carmen notes that this could help students as well when trying to get their teacher to check their output in the class. What about the flip from the reflection, you might ask. Well, there are programs that handle flipping, whether it be vertical or horizontal flipping. Besides, Zoom already has this feature built-in

Well, this woman might have singlehandedly handed it back to the overhead projector manufacturers with this move.

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