Pedal Through Unused Train Tracks with Electric-Powered Railbikes

Pedal Through Unused Train Tracks with Electric-Powered Railbikes

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Historic railway lines across the U.S. are getting their own taste of electric -- Skunk Train is repurposing unused train tracks as adventurous tour routes; however, the concept comes with a twist: instead of riding the rails with a train, you pedal an electric-powered railbike.


Skunk Train's one of the most popular experiences is located in northern California and you can rail your way across the world-famous Redwood Route.

The guided tour lasts for two hours and takes you on a railroad journey that starts at Fort Brag and continues through the scenic Pudding Creek and Mendocino County's ancient redwoods. A 50-minute break where you can picnic and enjoy the flora waits for those who reach the Glen Blair Junction.

As their website states, you can "sit back, breathe deep, and discover an entirely new way to explore California aboard our custom-built, two-person electric railbikes."

The bikes are probably the most exciting part for the EV-enthusiasts. While enabling you to go through the Redwood Forest, they also offer comfort and leisure.

The two-person electric-powered railbikes don't need you to steer them and enable you to enjoy the scenery without worrying about steering. You can sit comfortably and pedal at your own pace where whizzing trains used to go by once. Moreover, the bikes are virtually silent which means you won't be scaring away the forest folk that might be wanting to pay you a visit.

Skunk Train states, "You’re unbound, able to look around at the wonder of this untouched stretch of the natural world spotting blue herons, osprey, an occasional lounging turtle, perhaps a playful river otter, a deer munching on the foliage, and during peak berry season maybe even a bear." Well, hopefully, not a bear.

The company promises a lovely trip through a historic and adventurous scenery -- all the while making you exercise!

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