Tesla Model S P100D Ghosted Ferrari F12 in a Quick Race

Tesla Model S P100D Ghosted Ferrari F12 in a Quick Race

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It seems all-electric cars may leave suped-up sports cars of yesterday behind in more ways than one — at least, according to a brief video clip of a race between the Tesla Model S P100D versus the Ferrari F12.

Spoiler: the Tesla won, securing a huge lead from the word "go."


Tesla leaves Ferrari behind with nearly-visible layer of dust

The clip — which comes from ICSI — shows the Tesla Model S pitted against the Ferrari F12. The two vehicles have practically nothing in common, save for excellent acceleration.

At roughly $330,000, the F12 can make nearly 100 kilometers per hour (roughly 60 miles per hour) in less than 3 seconds. The new Model S Performance costs less than $100,000 and features a zero-to-100 kilometers per hour capability of roughly 2.3 seconds — nearly a full second faster.

Elsewhere, popular gas-powered sports cars like the Porsche 911, Chevrolet Corvette, and this Ferrari F12 are also evolving as auto advancements come to market. But for them, improvements are stop-and-go — enhancing state-of-the-art sports cars requires automakers to go back to the drawing board, redesign the car, or even create a new model from scratch.

All-electric vehicles evolving faster than traditional sports cars

It's surreal to think about the way all-electric cars performed like golf carts only a few decades ago, which was an apt description in many cases. This caused some car lovers to disregard EVs altogether as unrealistic alternatives to traditional sports cars. Some auto enthusiasts are still hardcore skeptics when it comes to all-electric models on the race track.

However, nearly every all-electric vehicle on the market today can offer fairly reliable performance — especially when it comes to the dynamic driving style called for in the context of daily driving and transits to work.

Regardless, the race is more than worth watching — not just because the Tesla wins, but also because of how it pulls it off: with Tesla's instant torque, it looks like the F12 driver hasn't even put their foot on the accelerator.

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