Vanderhall Motor Works' Impressive Venice GT Is Half Motorcycle, Half Car

Vanderhall Motor Works' Impressive Venice GT Is Half Motorcycle, Half Car

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If you can't make your mind up whether you'd prefer a motorcycle or a car, then why not opt for the autocycle? It's a three-wheeler and it's a fun ride. Vanderhall Motor Works has a bespoke Venice GTthree-wheeler, and it's a strong statement in the growing powersport vehicle world.

The Venice GT beautifully blends the two- and four-wheel styles into an experience like no other.


What is the Venice GT?

This one is for anyone who likes bespoke vehicles. The Venice GT autocycle from Vanderhall Motor Works has a bespoke interior, with a wood-grain steering wheel, leather seats, aircraft-esque gauges, and toggle switches — it's a premium quality vehicle.

Even though the Venice GT may look small, it's still a comfortable ride for taller people out there, especially as it has generous legroom, an adjustable steering wheel, and backward/forward moving seat.

The company claims it can move from zero to 96.5 kph (60mph) in 4.5 seconds, the 664.5 kg(1,465 pound) Venice GT zips around nicely. Watch out though, as the brake pedal is extra sensitive and could jerk some around until they get used to it. However, for those who are looking for a more performance style of driving, the Venice GT can come with a Brembo brake package as an extra.

Bear in mind though that the Venice GT is not yet subject to the same safety standards as cars, so extra attention should be paid when driving it around. Moreover, some of its crash safety features have yet to be crash-tested — so drive with caution.

Going back to a little more ease of comfort, the Venice GT comes equipped with electronically-heated seating, cruise control, and a Bluetooth-enabled two-speaker stereo that can easily be paired with your iOS-powered smartphones.

Prices start at $33,950.

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