BMW Opens Up Its AI Algorithms to the World

BMW Opens Up Its AI Algorithms to the World

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BMW is known for its advanced manufacturing techniques whether its robots that cart parts across the manufacturing plant of exoskeletons donned by workers.

It is now opening up some of the AI algorithms it uses to the public, releasing it on the GitHub platform.


Algorithms focused on image recognition and tagging

The algorithms are focused on BMW's automated image recognition and image tagging software. BMW hopes developers around the globe will use them to improve the code.

“With the algorithms we are now publishing, the BMW Group has significantly reduced the development time for neural networks for autonomous transport systems and robots,” says Dirk Dreher, Head of Logistics Planning, in the BMWBlog.

By making its source code available to the public BMW gets help in taking its AI software to the next level while developers get access to its digital image tagging software. Neural networks compare live images in productions and logistics with images in databases to pinpoint any differences. That improves productivity and reduces the potential to make mistakes.

Everyone wins when BMW shares

“We are making major investments in artificial intelligence. By sharing our algorithms with the global developer community, we want to do our part and make AI accessible to a broad group of users. We expect the further open source development to lead to a rapid and agile advancement of the software,” said Kai Demtröder, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Data Platforms at BMW Group IT in the same blog post.

All users of the algorithms remain anonymous in keeping in the spirit of the open-source approach, BMW said in the blog. BMW said it will check all user suggestions before they are put into production and shared with the community.

"The model – in other words, the actual AI application being developed with these algorithms – always remains protected. All users are free to decide whether they want to make their models accessible to partners, such as suppliers," BMW said.

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