Labyrinth Marble Maze set given go-ahead by Lego

Labyrinth Marble Maze set given go-ahead by Lego

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Lego fans just love coming up with ideas for new Lego sets and one submission has been based around the Lego Labyrinth Marble Maze. This is a tilting platform that the player can move with the aim of guiding a marble right to the end of the maze while at the same time avoiding the holes.

[Image Source: Lego]

Lego Ideas was launched by Lego so that fans could submit their ideas for new sets. Providing the idea gets a lot of votes, 10,000 or more, then it is reviewed. The review board look for such things as safety, playability, whether it would be feasible for them to produce it and if it would fit in with the branding. Providing the idea meets the criteria then it goes into production.

[Image Source: Lego]

If an idea is chosen from ideas uploaded to Lego Ideas the person gets a percentage of sales from that kit. The Labyrinth Marble Maze is among nine ideas that have qualified for the 3rd Lego Ideas Review 2014, with the qualifiers having just been recently announced.

[Image Source: Lego]

As you might expect the idea for the Labyrinth was built entirely from Logo, with a frame or base, simple tilting mechanism which is made up of beams and axles that the player operated with two wheels. There are different mazes for slotting into the base and this means that they can be swapped in and out quickly without having to rebuild the whole thing.

[Image Source: Lego]

It comes with a container built into it in which to store balls along with a travel lock which keeps the whole thing in place when carrying or storing. There are holes located in strategic positions on the board which the ball can fall into if you don’t have a steady hand.

[Image Source: Lego]

Lego will now be looking into working out a final design, but at the moment the availability of the kit and the price tag has yet to be announced.

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