Colourful Fabric Wrapped Buildings Under Construction

Colourful Fabric Wrapped Buildings Under Construction

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Buildings often have to scaffold around them when they are under construction or repairs are taking place and they can be very unsightly. However, that is until someone came up with the idea to wrap these buildings that were under construction in Singapore in colorful,so what you see here are fabric wrapped buildings that make stunning artwork in cities.

The colourful buildings have been the subject of photographer, Peter Steinhauer, who has captured a series of photos which he calls “cocoon”.

[Image Source: Peter Steinhauer]

It seems that in Hong Kong this is the traditional way, as construction sites are wrapped up in a mesh material of bright colours that brighten up what would otherwise be dreary buildings. In actual fact they are wrapped up not just to make them look nice. They are wrapped in the fabric to stop any debris from the construction from falling any injuring people below.

[Image Source: Peter Steinhauer]

A cage of bamboo is erected first and then the coloured fabric material is wrapped around it. Along with stopping debris from falling onto unsuspecting people below, the material helps to keep dust escaping into the atmosphere.

[Image Source: Peter Steinhauer]

Over in India a very similar method is also used on buildings under construction. However not quite to the scale and brightness that is seen here. The materials typically used are more subdued when it comes to colour, generally beige or green. However here we can see everything from green to yellow, to blue and even red.

[Image Source: Peter Steinhauer]

Steinhauer is now exhibiting his work which documents the Asian markets, alongside the Art Basel Hong Kong and can be viewed until 26 May over at the Langham Palace in Mongkok, Hong Kong. He said that the idea for the series of photos came about while he was driving, in his word ‘as I was driving on the freeway through a township in the new territories of Hong Kong, I saw this very large cocoon and found a road to get back to it. Up close I noticed that the whole building was newly wrapped with the exception on the McDonald’s sign that I am sure they paid largely for to be visible to the public!’

[Image Source: Peter Steinhauer]

You can bet the series of photos are even more stunning in real life up close than they are here.

[Image Source: Peter Steinhauer]

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