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CarbonChain's AI Tracks Emissions of World's Biggest Polluters

CarbonChain will use AI to accurately track emissions of firms spewing 50 of the world& 39;s pollution.August 21, 2020A company called CarbonChain is developing a service capable of accurately mapping emissions from the commodities industry — which has caused 50 of the world& 39;s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the company& 39;s official website.
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3D Technologies

3D Printing Flexible Materials Now Possible With Droplet-Based System

Engineers pioneered a 3D printing technique using microfluidics.June 22, 2020Engineers are upping the 3D printing game by pushing the boundaries in new ways, and now, a team of researchers from the University of California, Davis, have something new up their sleeve.They have developed a new way of 3D printing that allows for finely tuned flexible materials to be printed thanks to a droplet-based, multiphase microfluidic system.
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Top 10 of the Coolest Offices

February 18, 2014The office is working space for many of us and it becomes some sort of boring to go there every day. And it happens at some moment, no matter what your employer does to diversify the working environment. However, here is a list of several offices that would make you wonder for how long will be funny to work there.
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