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FDA Has Authorized COVID-19 Test Based on Antibodies

FDA authorized antibody-based tests for patients who have had COVID-19, but it& 39;s not the best test for those still in dire straits.April 02, 2020The Food and Drug Administration has granted its first authorization for COVID-19 testing that uses antibodies present in human blood, instead of swabs from the nose or throat, reports The Verge.
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How to Solve Engineering Problems with Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis allows us to leverage historical learnings and past problems into furthering our products down the innovation continuum.It seems like everything is always failing. The hardest part of our jobs as engineers isn’t always the design process, it’s the endless redesign and fixing of problems that may or may not have been your fault.
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Social Media

Worried Commuter Asked Why Subway Station Was Flooded, the MTA Had a Fun Response

The Twitter exchange took a more serious turn when the genuine answer was revealed.November 26, 2019On Wednesday 20 November, the subway entrance stairs of the Broadway and Union Avenue station were submerged underwater, yet there was not a raincloud in sight.A concerned Twitter user posted an image of the flooded station entrance on her account, asking the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) what was going on.
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Energy & Environment

The Link Between Environmental Engineering and Sustainability

Are you passionate about protecting the environment? Then a career in environmental engineering might be your calling.Read on to find out what environmental engineers do, how the field is linked to sustainability, and how to become one.What is environmental engineering?Environmental engineering is a branch of civil engineering primarily concerned with managing the supply of water and mitigating the adverse effects of environmental issues, like pollution.
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DIY drone: Learn How to Build Your Own Quadcopter Drone

Drones have been around for some time now, but as of recent, they have become more and more popular. Getting your hands on a fairly capable drone is now easier than ever. While prices are coming down and you can head to your local store to pick up a drone with a video camera for a few hundred dollars, there& 39; still something missing from this experience for many.
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Building Blocks of Life on Earth Arrived Later Than We Thought — Much Later

The building blocks of life on Earth arrived later than we thought — much later.March 12, 2020Rocks from Greenland point to late arrival for the building blocks of life on Earth — far later than previously thought — according to a new study published in the journalNature.RELATED: A QUEST TO UNDERSTAND LIFE ON EARTHThe late origin of life on EarthAn international team of geologists — led by the University of Cologne and involving UNSW scientists — published new findings on the origin of oceans, and thus life, on the planet Earth.
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