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Radical Railways: 15 Technologies that Could Drive the Future of Trains

Trains might not get the same attention as planes, rockets, and automobiles when it comes to innovative forms of travel, but don& 39;t think for a moment that big steps aren& 39;t being taken to drive the future of rail travel.Trains are one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation and, depending on the destination, they can get passengers from one city center to another in an incredibly fast time.
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Abifloat floating village designed by Italian yacht designer

February 18, 2015Christian Grande is an Italian yacht designer who may be better known for the Picchio Boat. One of his latest designs is a floating village concept which he calls the Abifloat. The project consists of a collection of homes that float and are made up of a sustainable modular design. Image Source: Christian Grande The Abifloat is made up of clusters of ten homes measuring 3.
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Doctors Discover Man's Enlarged Testicle Is Calcifying and Swimming in Fluid

A rare combination of conditions, the 80-year-old man from India& 39;s case is uncommon.January 10, 2020Doctors from King George& 39;s Medical University in Lucknow, India, encountered a surprising and rare condition recently. An 80-year-old man came in due to blood in his urine and symptoms pointing towards what could have been a urinary tract infection (UTI).
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New VR Game Shows the Dangerous Consequences of Skipping the Flu Shot

The interactive game has actually been successful in influencing people& 39;s intention to get the flu shot.January 06, 2020In a desperate attempt to get people to finally take their flu shots, a researcher is trying a new Virtual Reality (VR) game, as reported by Fast Company. Glen Nowak, director of the University of Georgia’s Grady College Center for Health and Risk Communication and the principal investigator on this new VR research, believes that what impedes flu shot adoption is a false notion that the condition is easily treatable.
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Newly-Discovered Plastic-Eating Greater Wax Moth Offers Hope in Fight against Pollution

Studying how this species digests plastic might give us a better way of dealing with plastic waste.March 07, 2020Plastic pollution is everywhere, seeping into our land, our oceans, and even our bodies. Despite our best efforts to recycle, the problem has remained high.RELATED: HOW TO ELIMINATE PLASTIC WASTE AND PLASTIC POLLUTION WITH SCIENCE AND ENGINEERINGThe greater wax mothNow, a form of caterpillar is offering revived hope in the fight against such pollution, reports Discover Magazine.
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